About Me

Hi my name is Mel, and my interests are in anything Fitness & Nutritional related. I have one cute furbaby called Amber, two teenage boys and a very understanding husband!

I love pushing myself in my fitness journey to see how far I can get, at 43 it is not as easy as before. However that will not stop me.

It is also my passion to help other people on their own fitness and nutritional journeys.

Mel’s  Body Squad is a unique player in the Fitness & Nutrition industry, taking an innovative approach to providing health, wellness and fitness services that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier.

I provide my clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing their overall well-being.

Make the positive lifestyle change you’ve been wanting; see what Mel’s Body Squad has to offer you.

I help busy people get fitter and healthier one step at a time.

Let me help you get healthier and happier.